Saturday Wine & Beer Tastings 4-6pm


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Our Wine and Beer Tastings are a great way to try the best new beer and wine without committing to a purchase.  When you decide on your favorites, you can take them home at 10% off!  We also feature a cheese or dip, which is usually discounted.

We typically taste five or six different wines and three different beers. The wines vary from sweet to dry.  The beers vary from light to dark. We try to cover all ranges of pallet preference.  Is there something we carry that you want us to feature at a tasting?  Let us know.

From time to time we will feature special guests at our Tastings. Past guests include Maker’s Mark (, Midtown Market (, David Arthur Vineyards (, other various wine distributors, and many more.  We welcome these special Tastings and coordinate them as often as we can.

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